The cargo ship “LITA” is expected in the port of Brest, Brittany 10th November 2018! This ship, while in Lorient, was detained for several days in February 2018, because of social and technical deficiencies!


MOR GLAZ association draws attention to Brest and Regional port authorities, and agencies about this ship’s reputation, but also for this shipowner’s non-respect of social rules for the seafarers. We request that the above mentioned carry out thorough inspections on this ship when it docks in Brest, but also permit and allow Laure TALLONNEAU (ITF/CGT Inspector) the freedom to undertake the social and humane assignments, which she always does with professionalism, the only goal being to defend the seafarers who she meets on board ships!

This ship”LITA” belonging to shipowner “BLUMENTHAL JMK GMBH 1CO KG” which has a fleet of 30 ships, where complacency is zealously practised in all its excesses towards seafarers! The ship “LITA” (IMO 9117416) registered in Liberia will call in Brest to deliver 12,600 tonnes of sunflower cake, valued at more than 2 million USD!

When this ship was singled out by the MOR GLAZ association in February 2018, the Sailors social and living conditions on board “LITA” were alarming, they were treated as slaves rather than Sailors. Those that transport vast riches, in this case more than 2 million USD, deserve respect. These Seafarers under pressure do not “never” dare talk (the fear of being blacklisted by these unscrupulous  “rogue shipowners” for whom seafarers are a disposable commodity!)

The MOR GLAZ association therefore requests and requires: that the French Authorities rigorously enforce the regulations when this ship docks, and be zealous for a good reason (the seafarers’ rights, Safety at Sea,) and in particular that they don’t participate in these outrageous violations!

2nd July 2018  the MOR GLAZ association had denounced the abuses on another ship “SAINT ALIAS” docked in Lorient, since then the ship, we are delighted to say, has not found another charterer!

This day, the MOR GLAZ association will transmit their concern to the relevant Ministries and Authorities. We remind them that port agents, charterers, insurers, port authorities, etc… are also involved in these serious violations.

All the previously mentioned shipping industry players must take note that any ship below social norms is dangerous, and that to charter or otherwise use this type of ship is irresponsible. All those who do not wish to see these grotesque situations should ask themselves questions about Worldwide Seafarers living conditions; 4/5 come from poor countries, and certain “rogue shipowners”  consider them as of little or of no importance!

For the MOR GLAZ Association      Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN  President

Translation:- T. J. & M-L. Davies