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2 mars 2016

The law to protect the seas and oceans was progressing... nevertheless, the government has decided otherwise. How is the logic that could make tax payers foot the bill of misdemeanors caused by polluters, possible ?who are the people coming up with such ideas ?

Unregulated deballasting. 2nd June 2000, MP's strengthen the law against those who pollute (polluter-pays). From 2009, the law courts in Brest, Le Havre and Marseille could impose fines up to €15 million on those responsible for voluntary (unregulated) pollutions off the French coast.

24th February 2016, a French Navy Falcon 50 spotted a pollution at sea. The ship responsible for this pollution was ordered to Brest for inspection. After the Greek owner paid a €500,000 bail fixed by the French authorities, the ship " THISSEAS " was allowed to continue its voyage. This result was the culmination of many years petitioning the authorities, by different associations. Tuesday 1st March 2016 the French government lodged an amendment to biodiversity law : Will this allow " pseudo-shipowners " the possibility to pollute without fear or incrimination, as was the case decades ago ?

The MOR GLAZ association wonders what certain " ecological " government members think, and if they are ready to remain in a government, which would make taxpayers responsible for the cost instead of the polluters ? Isn't the famous COP21, which should have been President François HOLLANDE's signature mark, a little stained ? What does Nicolas HULOT think of this deceitfully lodged amendment. The MOR GLAZ association requests that all elected candidates, from coastal zones rally against this preposterous, absurd, offensive amendment, including against them.

How can a country, which talks constantly of a budget deficit, be ready to pay in place of those who pollute. The MOR GLAZ association hopes that this good new bad idea will be quite simply confined to the waste paper basket ! We could just do without a licence to pollute !!

Those who have not decided on the correct action, that is not to pollute, should have to pay the maximum fine imposable by law, when they are caught.

The MOR GLAZ association, condemns all voluntary pollution, nevertheless, it must be pointed out that certain ships are so badly maintained, that pollution is unavoidable despite all the crew's best efforts. Instead of trying to pass stupid and insulting amendments, which will allow the destruction and pollution of the planet, the government should propose laws which would ban old polluting ships.

Should more important facilities be available for stalking these polluters, the MOR GLAZ association is absolutely certain, that more blatant breaches of the law would be observed.