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The 26th of January 2016,

22 seafarers were rescued from a ship in distress in the Bay of Biscay by Spanish helicopters.

The Association MOR GLAZ congratulates the rescuers and the reactivity of the Maritime Prefect.

The ship “Modern Express” flying Panama flag, 164 meters length, was in the Bay of Biscay at the time of the abandon, in the French Exclusive Economic Zone (North of Coruna, off la Rochelle).

The "Modern Express » carries 3.600 tons of wood and some equipment, from Gabon to Le Havre. She has listed, at 40 degrees, for an unknown reason. She has becoming a real navigational hazard in this maritime area with a big traffic.

The Maritime Prefect sent a formal notice to the shipowner - before Thursday morning. According to us, this deadline is too long because the ship is abandoned and can capsize quickly, sink and pollute.

MOR GLAZ Association notes that the Spanish Tug « DON INDA » did not participate to the rescue of a ship who was in its area. Does the “Biscay plan” is really effective? Or does the French State can only rely on its own means?

MOR GLAZ Association requests again a sea-going Tug, available 24/24 in the Bay of Biscay. Even if the means are better used than before, we request more means and more powerful TUGS with a better pulling force.

On behalf of MOR GLAZ, Jean Paul Hellequin, President