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Landerneau 24th June 2016


30th June 2016 the high court in Paris will announce the chosen buyer for the Seafarers (Gens de Mer) Hotel / Restaurnant chain. 16th June 2016 2 proposals were selected : MOR GLAZ Association noted that the 2 buyers were diametrically opposed with different philosophies both for the company and employees.

At the end of 2014, MOR GLAZ Association has defended the brand continuty for " HOTEL RESTAURANT DES GENS DE MER " The MOR GLAZ Association was received at the end of 2014 by the Ministry of Transport, then on 6th July 2015 when the minister came to Ushant and on the sidelines 20th October 2015 during an Interministerial Maritime Committee held in Boulogne sur Mer. AGISM's (Seafarers Mission Management Association) receivership were part of the issues discussed and presented to Advisors for the Prime Minister and other Ministers, Madame Ségolène ROYAL's office was kept up to date on the evolving situation.

Thursday 30th June 2016 the High Court judge must choose betwenn the two offers :

That of the Groupe DOCTE GESTO managed by Mr. Bernard BENSAID, is an offer with no project for the future, neither for the brand continuty, nor by duduction, for the employees. !! An offer both incoherent and grotesque for the MOR GLAZ Association, real estate speculation without a project...

DOCTE GESTIO Groupe has been supported by AGISM Executive Management and Board of Directors, this should challenge the judge, it is normal to be shocked by this support.

That of l'ABEILLE (a Family Company) managed by Mr. Alain CAZETTES de SAINT LEGER, is a costed industrial project, with and investment of around €3.5 million for the continuation of the hotal chain and the development for sea food catering under the existing brand. This buyer clearly states the closure of the Paris headquarters and the departure of each site manager, except Lorient, who will be joint manager of this site. This buyer would appear " to be " the more serious, it has announced a long term restructuring ensuring the futur for the remaining 90 employees, the goal is clear.

MOR GLAZ Association hopes the judge will retain the criteria, employment and a clear long term goal.

The employees who will not be taken on, must not find themselves without a solution to guarantee their futur, they should not be made to pay for the incompetence and the errors of the AGISM and of those jointly responsible, the National Society for Disabled Seafarers (ENIM), the Transport Ministry and the Maritime Affairs Directorate (DAM)

Those jointly responsable should under all circumstances finance a Plan to Safeguard Employment (PSE) using a specialist firm, they must also participate in the reclassification and training of the employees made redundant.

Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN Président de l'Association MOR GLAZ