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Landerneau le 23 octobre 2013

What is the future for Britons ports after the agribusiness crisis ?

MOR GLAZ's members have been trying for years to bring their ideas to develop the port of Brest. We support the employees of the companies of Gad , Soft, Tilly Sabco , Marine Harvest and all others. MORGLAZ denounces the Plan of Technological Risk Prevention ( PPRTs ) that is unjustified and will frighten companies away Brest. MORGLAZ denounces also the trend of the green tax which was decided in 2009 by the Minister Jean -Louis Borloo following the "Grenelle de l'environnement" .

The MOR GLAZ association is worried about the ports in Brittany and the port of Brest.

Brest, the first commercial port of Brittany failed to diversify its activities . The civil ship repair has almost disappeared. There is now a new blow on the port activities of Brest because the first activity of Brittany is torpedoed , this time it is the agribusiness. The situation is serious and sad, despite our interventions that have never been heard, the shift was never performed while the single activity kills the activity.

During the crisis of the ship repair, MOR GLAZ had defended a place of demolition of old ships , all should know that if other activities are not created quickly in the port of Brest, the waking may be painful and brutal for some businesses and employees of the commercial port.

Although meat activities represent only 10 % of the trade of the port, it is sufficient to undermine several businesses and necessarily affect the employment in the port of Brest.

Remains a playing card "the development of a motorway of the sea " that MOR GLAZ Association advocates for more than 10 years.

When possible , the future of transportation is the Sea, Rail and River . The port of Brest ... must try one's luck....

Europe, which was supposed to protect us has installed a fierce competition between all employees, including seafarers, and this for decades.