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Landerneau le 22 août 2014

Even if the objective of 100000 transported trucks is achieved for "on" the motorway of the sea between Nantes and Gijon, it could be stopped if the subsidies were not reinstated. This country that gives so many subsidies (sometimes unjustified in certain sectors) will it scuttle this motorway that has transported by polluting five times less and by consuming times less fuel (per tonne of transported freight) than by road for all different type of freight in total safety……

Since many years, MOR GLAZ Association defends all the maritime activities especially the motorways of the sea. To put trucks on ships to avoid driving is a great idea and an evidence, but are ideas sufficient when the maritime transport is in the second plan of the French politics and this despite all the declarations of good intentions formulated by all of them.


The motorways of the sea aren't they only a dream when the governments only communicate on the maritime activities, without looking to probe the human issues and the environmental, economic and safety issues.

The different governments seem to always give priority to the road transport, despite that this way is very expensive for the communities by way of infrastructures, maintenance, etc…

Continuing to encourage the road transport and wanting to maintain it like the first way of transport despite that this one knows a fast social dumping making it dangerous is a utopia becoming intolerable and inacceptable.

The governors must absolutely find an alternative to the road transport, MORGLAZ Association continues to support the international cabotage and the developments of the secondary ports.

Depending on Vinci Motorway Foundation: 1 lorry driver on 3 thinks he could have had an accident by falling asleep, 3 on 4 have recently rolled on the white line on the side of the road.

Other solutions than the road exist, the railway, water and sea transport, this natural motorway that needs no maintenance, just a bit of surveillance.

MORGLAZ Association notes that the railway tracks are in a pathetic state, that the only real solution in complement of the road is the sea…… The transport of trucks by the sea must be made a priority, it must attract the road transporters and become a real alternative to the road.

After having awarded a green card on the 9th of March 2011 to Louis Dreyfus Armateur to have opened this line between Nantes and Gijon, MORGLAZ Association wouldn't like to give a red card to those who don't encourage the continuity of this activity and that would put an ending to this way of transport that is the one of the future…… respecting the environment.