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Landerneau, 1st December 2015

Does the departure of the ramshackle ship "Captain Tsarev", one of three ramshackle ships abandoned in the port of Brest is hampered by the Chamber of commerce and industry, concessionaire of the port?

"MOR GLAZ" Association, which always denounces the bureaucracy, was told that the ship " MATTERHORN " abandoned in the port of Brest from May 2009 until May 2012 was sold for a symbolic euro to the BARTIN Group, a subsidiary of VEOLIA, what a beautiful gift ... While other industrialists were willing to purchase (for dismantling) the "MATTERHORN" for more than 300,000 €.

This ship "offered" to VEOLIA harmed once again the seafarers who were waiting for their USD 180 000 owed wages on the ship’s sale. "MOR GLAZ" association can just "denounce" these sly methods causing prejudice to seafarers. "MOR GLAZ" Association notes again the discrepancy, the "lying", between the politically correct speech with the Human in the forefront and this way of acting.

The ship “"Captain-Tsarev" stranded since October 2008 at Brest was many times visited, even burned and therefore dangerous for the port of Brest. Several sales opportunities were always blocked by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brest. What is it looking for?

"MOR GLAZ" Association notes that sometimes the “multi layered “administrative is simplified, just before the “Brest maritime Festival”, but this is just a coincidence....