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Landerneau le 18 avril 2016

A minimum 270 tonne SMITH BRACKET should be made compulsory by both the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) for all large ships. The ablity to tow these giant ships correctly and under good conditions must be requested by insurance companies and classification societies.


A towing hawser should be installed on all ships (ready to be hooked-up should the need arise, thus facilitating the rescue teams.

During March 2016 the MOR GLAZ association met, in Marseille, with the world's 3rd biggest shipowner. During this meeting, we understood that not all shipowners have the same concerns either for safety, or respect for the environment. The shipowner who met with us that day, outlined the company strategy, in the areas of interest for which we were received. We noted several positive points and a certain willingness to do better than other international shipowners!

The MOR GLAZ association wishes and requests that shipowners and those who manage these big ships (these giants built for passenger or cargo transport) take action so that tugs, which may be called to assist, can use the full bolard pull. This is not the case presently, due to the structural weakness where the towing hawsers are attached (see the site

France, Europe and countries, where these big ships are docked cannot remain simple observers. The maritime and terrestrial authorities for these countries must look very closely at the dangers which these ships becoming bigger and bigger, represent.

By this communiqué (which will be addressed to the relevant authorities) the MOR GLAZ association wishes to call attention to the means that must put in place rapidly in order to assist all salvage situations for these giants of the sea,the size of which has more than doubled in 10 years.

Under certain circumstances, the facilities in place for a salvage operation are inadequate...Those responsible for the rescue operations and public authorities must adapt these facilities. Each maritime excercise, incident or accident must accelerate the obligations mentioned above. Certain persons in authority, elected officers, members of parliament, prefer "sighing" and not replying to questions about maritime safety, even though, since 1978 France (under pressure from citizens, unions and associations etc....) has improved the facilities to a certain extent in order to address some maritme accidents.

The MOR GLAZ association feel, without over exaggeration or demaogogy, that the nautical facilities placed under the Maritime Prefects authority, should be more numerous and powerful. The construction of more powerful tugs in order to intervene when necessary, must be a priorty for public authorities, as well as an extra tug to cover the Bay of Biscay.

Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN Président de l'association MOR GLAZ