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Pour l'Association MOR GLAZ Le Président Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN Press release September 17 2016

According to the newspaper "Le Monde" of the 16 of this month, thousands of sailors (1500/2500) of a South Korean company in bankruptcy have wandered on the oceans for two weeks.

500.000 Containers, of a value of 14 Billion dollars of goods would be embarked on 60 ships of maritime company "HANJIN SHIPPING"! A situation incredible by the number of ships (60 ships) and Sailors!!!!Association MOR GLAZ notes that this time still only the cargoes are the subject of negociations. Would the Sailors in all that, be only victims?

It is a particularly strange situation for the sailors of the company "HANJIN SHIPPING" and the few passengers who accompany them; Association MOR GLAZ has a very particular thought for all these Sailors, but also for those which undergo similar situations in anonymity and about which nobody speaks. They are many but quiet, and yet these Sailors are those which allow 90% of the world trade.

The seventh world ship-owner of ocean freight in difficulty, it would have asked at the beginning of September 2016 his placement in legal rectification, South Korea and in the United States, starting "creating" one incredible situation which lasts since nearly two weeks: the maritime company states, that an about sixty cargo liners are always with broad or on roads on standby to return to the port, in various areas of the world. The international ports their prohibit the entry, because they fear that the company cannot pay the costs carriage and other expenses related to the stopover of a ship, each one will have understood that early or late these ships will however owe escaler!

The thousands of Sailors and paid this company must be interdependent. The wedged Sailors "blocked" at the entry of the ports, for the majority South-Koreans, Filipino, Indonesians, but so Polish, and German, should not be attentive with the reassuring speeches of the representatives of the ship-owner, the play of lying poker will be engaged before long!!! These ships which wander on all the seas of the world would transport 500.000 containers, goods whose value would border them 14 billion dollars.

For association MOR GLAZ the Sailors have what to negotiate their wages, because for association MOR GLAZ the first step is well that one to pay the Sailors, all the Sailors before unloading only one of the containers or other goods.

Company KOREAN AIR, member of group HANJIN granted to the ship-owner a guarantee of 55 million dollars (49 million Euros) to try to solve the crisis. 36 million dollars (32 million Euros) were versed at the beginning of week to make it possible to unload cargoes.

For association MOR GLAZ, the Sailors do not have to be left for account, they must prepare with all the possibilities and to be ready to be defended, they should not pay for the errors which could have been made. The chance of these Sailors is contrary to others which meet these sad situations to be on ships which are charged, good courage with these Seamen and the sedentary personnel of this company!!!