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Landerneau 18th May 2016

MOR GLAZ welcomes the decision to demolish the "Captain Tsarev" in Brest. It's presence in Brest will no longer tarnish the Martime Festival

A few weeks away from the Maritime Festival to be held in Brest from 13th to 19th July, the fate of the dilapidated ship "Capitain Tsarev" immobilized "abandonned" left alongside since in 2008 by it's pseudo-shipowner, will finally be demolished in Brest. The MOR GLAZ Association has agitated for many years for the creation of a National and Breton ship demolition network, for both merchant and naval vessels. We herald the good sense of the Brittany Regional Council, which has finally suceeded over preconceived ideas and endless arguments about dismantling old ships in Brest.

Good sense has finally prevailed and the choice made by the Brittany Regional Council to dismantle, in Brest, the dilapidated ship "Capitain Tsarev" can be praised for several reasons. The company "Les Recycleurs Bretons" who will demolish the ship is local. The demolition will be done as near as possible. The demolition will be done with respect to Man and the Environment. This demolition will give work to decontamination companies, it will create an economic activity and employment.

The MOR GLAZ Association hopes that other ships will be dismantled in Brest

This activity will not interfere with those already in place within Brest port

This demolition will not tarnish the Maritime Festival in July 2016

An opportunity for MOR GLAZ Association... the company Recycleurs Bretons... and the Brittany Regional Council to explain during the Martime Festival that demolishing ships is an industrial activity as any other and can be developed in Brest as well as other ports along the French coast. Ship demolition is not is not an in-between activity, but part of the marine industry in the same way as ship building and repair.

The MOR GLAZ Association points out that the "Capitain Tsarev" crew, abandonned in 2008, by the Greek pseudo-ship owner, are still owed 100,000 USD in arrears. A pseudo-shipowner with no scruples or respect for "his" Ukrainian and Russian sailors.

Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN The MOR GLAZ association President