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On the 13th of december 2014, MOR GLAZ Association sent a letter to the Captain Jens FLATVAL and his crew on the " Bourbon ORCA " (you can find this letter on MOR GLAZ Association's website)

MOR GLAZ Association wanted to thank this crew to have saved 2000 migrants on the Mediterranean sea, this letter finished by: My dear friends, all year long, MOR GLAZ Association tries to make life easier for the seamen in the worst situations, you, you have saved lives. For this MOR GLAZ Association is proud to belong to the seamen's world for what you have done, you are heroes, people apart in this world of selfishness and indifference. Thank you for giving us this image, thank you to have saved all these people, BOURBON can be proud of you, were are.

Since that, there have been dastardly and scandalous things that have happened on the Mediterranean sea, certain "others" who are unscrupulous make children, women and men pay a fortune to escape a side of the world where nothing is right…

Those who make them pay and then abandon them at sea have no name, foul shadows, as we don't dare to us the words that qualify them, words that could chock in a so cruel world. Tyrants have existed all along human history.

In this modern age, we thought, that this couldn't be possible "any more", we thought that European Union and their "those" technocrats could have disorganized these traffics of all sorts, we thought that the democracies could have avoided that: all these traffics, these massacres, these crimes, these profits by sacrificing these people at sea for the less fortunate of them, abandoning them in the middle of the ocean… so, we are fed up with all these speeches, even the less of all these pretexts… When MOR GLAZ rebels… too often for certain (her again they say)

When MOR GLAZ wishes that old ship being sold is to be regulated, controlled, some say that we are dreaming.

When MOR GLAZ wishes that the future ship-owner of a ship being sold is identified, some recon that it isn't possible.

When MOR GLAZ wishes the removal of all old ships and that their deconstruction is controlled by our country, more respectful for men and the environment, some think we are disconnected of the economic reality….. which….. those who authorize all these abuses against us? Well no, MOR GLAZ Association thinks it is realistic, futurist, logical.

MOR GLAZ Association realizes that those who are supposed to anticipate, regulate, protect us are flawed, have even got weaknesses….. Thousands of innocent people, by hopelessness feed the mafias, and find themselves "abandoned" lost on their way to the European Union, they are easy preys for these vultures with no scruples. MORGLAZ Association denounces… but not only.