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Scuttling the cargo ship "MODERN EXPRESS" as this was originally intended, would not have been a good solution. Are safe havens so extollled by France and the European Union, to be found at the bottom of the sea?

Landerneau 4th May 2016

The MOR GLAZ Association wishes to respond, to the option once considered by the French authorities, at the end of January-beginning of February 2016, to scuttle the " MODERN EXPRESS " in the Bay of Biscay to put an end to its drifting.

The MOR GLAZ Association was appalled, only by the fact that this option could have been considered: To scuttle this ship with its cargo, together with bunker fuel, oils and other products certainly toxic for aquatic life and thus humans. Those who abandoned or opposed this grotesque, ridiculous option should be commended

While it is constantly boasted " repeated " that France has the means to cope under all circumstances; that safe havens would all be identified to accommodate ships in difficulty; that task forces would be ready; that harbour tugs would be on stand-by etc.. The reality as we know seems to be very different. The MOR GLAZ Association recognizes that this kind of situation is not easy to manage, nevertheless, the choice to scuttle a ship is a bad option. It is the option of impotence in the face of shipping accidents. Between scuttling a ship and leaving it to run aground on a Vendee beach, the MOR GLAZ Association thinks the latter solution is the least damaging.

The MOR GLAZ Association cannot stand by without reacting to such an option, which was raised. In France , the country organising COP 21, there is a yawning gulf between what is said and what is done.

Confronted by a tanker, a container ship abandoned by the crew, will the option canon fire and missiles also be the one proposed, then retained, or that of salvage with the necessary human and nautical means?

Amongst the priorities, the commitments: The Smit Bracket on all ships, capable of withstanding the necessary traction for each ship together with a salvage hawser. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) must enforce this together with the JMLD Ecologic System.

Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN MOR GLAZ Association President