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le 1 janvier 2014

Ubuesque is the situation of the cargo vessel "Victoriaborg ". Since December 23 she is shifted off Brittany, and is sheltered in the bay of Saint- Malo

These situations should no longer occur since France "would " determined few years ago shelter locations. Though it is apparently quite difficult to access for vessels in trouble....

The peregrinations of the vessel " Victoriaborg " for 10 days show once again that the choice of tugs to perform this kind of towing is essential. And once again this event show that the tug was not the good one.... not the good one....

This tug for a tensile force of 72 tonnes is it enough to make a towing in such weather off the coast of Britain?

MOR GLAZ would like to spare a thought for seafarers who are tossed like this and who are uncertain for 10 days. We wish good luck to the Captain and crew………

When the weather is too bad, for 10 days, when a vessel sustained damage, the notice, a "significant power" held by the " Préfet Maritime" should be imposed.