Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime

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"Everywhere, here and there,

Mor glaz defends the sea and seafarers"

Motto of the association

At the end of the 90s, the abandoned crews and ships in Brest have been rescued by the community of seafarers: Junior M , Han , Victor, Gorlovka, Han, Santana 3…

In 2001, a text calling a setting up of a collective in Brest, "Brest, a safety port" was published. The collective became the collective "Mor GLaz" and then the association Mor Glaz.

" Victor, Gorlovka, Han, Santana 3, etc. The port of Brest is often the last refuge for substandard ships and abandoned crew.

How many accidents, maritime disasters will it take before we really take in consideration the maritime safety; we stop the irresponsibility of some "pseudo shipowners"; the substandard ships, the slavery of seafarers? Instead of a going to a fair promotion and a harmonious development, the shipping industry leads to a commercial war, an exportation of the misery and the decline of the human rights.

The maritime transport has known a big degradation of material and social conditions with more and more dangerous cargo and the growth of the flags of convenience. The liberalism produces a leveling down of wages and safety, responsible of the extinction of the competent merchant seafarers and the decline of our supply autonomy.

In 20 years, France has dropped from the 5th place to the 20th place. Thousands jobs have been loosed

At the same time, accidents are increasing. The over exploited seafarers from underdeveloped countries are the first victims.

Face with repeated oil slick, people from Brittany were able to impose a shipping lane in Ouessant. Let's request now that France adopts and enforces an effective regulation to secure the international maritime transport!

As 70% of the merchant ships of the North of Europe sail off the coast of Brest, the effective rules of control will have immediate consequences on all the shipping. "Let's get rid of the sea dangerous ships, not able to sail anymore ! Repair those which deserve to be ! Wreck the others "


Quick sum up of the abandoned crew who have been helped byMOR GLAZ


-In 2006, the " SARUNA ", substandard ship, detained in the port of Cherbourg, registered in Panama with 19 seafarers (1 Russian, 1 Syrian and 17 Romanian )

- In 2008, the " CAPTAIN TSAREV ", detained in the port of Brest, with 24 seafarers at the beginning and 9 later (8 Ukrainians and 1 Russian). The crew left but the ship is still here!

-In 2009 : the cargo " MATTERHORN ", stopped in the port of Brest, the 26th of May 2009, with 15 Ukrainians on board

- In 2009 : the ferry "Onyx", coming from Finland with 26 seafarers.

- In 2010 : the " Pentalina " with crew from Cap Verde

- The 1st of October 2010, it has been drawn to Mor Glaz attention the scandalous situation of a Cameroonian seafarer on board the old ship " EBBA VICTOR " in the port of Brest from the 25th of May 2009 til 2011.

- 2011: Mor Glaz supports the 12 crewmembers (Ukrainians and Filipinos) of the tanker vessel LISA ", on strike in the port of Bordeaux Bassens to get the wages outstanding.

- In 2011 : in Cherbourg, Mor Glaz intercedes for a fishing vessel abandoned since 2007,

- In 2012 : the Cargo " ANTIGONE Z " abandoned in Douarnenez, with 10 crewmembers on strike to receive wages outstanding.

- In2012 again : the Greek bulk carrier Asian Tide with a Chinese crew - In 2012 again : the container ship " MSC FLAMINIA " was dying since the 14th of July 2012 !!

- 2013 : The cargo "River King" in Granville with her Albanian crew.


A victory for Mor Glaz

It should be note, it's important, it's even a victory for Mor Glaz : a text, taking up European directives concerning the environment, transports, energy… has been voted by the French National Assembly on the 17th of May 2013.

This text recognizes the crew abandon - that is to say a shipowner who does not comply with one of his responsibilities towards his crew (food, accommodation, heath, wages, repatriation)- as an offense.

The "shipowner" who fail will be punished a 5-year sentence and fined 75.000 euros per abandoned seafarer (7-year and 150.000 euros if the seafarer is less than 18).

This bill will be in force on board merchant and fishing vessels.


The old ships dismantling

This is an emblematic case for Mor Glaz for its transverse considerations: environmental, social and economic.

For example, the warship "Colbert", " Clemenceau " and its 20 million euros for dismantling have mobilized the association.

While several French demolition sites enjoy of the label to dismantle old ships, why continuing to export this activity abroad? Why exporting out of Brittany millions of working hours?

Yet industrialists of our area are willing to be involved and to make an investment. The dry dock's arsenal, not used or underused can easily receive warships and civilian ships to be dismantled …

But we can look at some optimistic results too for the association. Even if the dismantling is marginal in Brest ( only small fishing vessels), several dismantling operations have been completed in a national plan (au Havre, Cherbourg and Bordeaux Bassens)


Pollutions - environment

The old ships cemetery scandal, in a protected area "Natura 2000", Landevennec has been always denounced by Mor Glaz.

Thanks to Mor Glaz action, a more severally law has been adopted and ships degas now far away from our coasts. However, we know that they still do it elsewhere…


Awareness of Maritime Questions

Mor Glaz organizes frequently some actions in favor of schoolchild and students in order to publicize the sea and the maritime jobs (ship visits).

Mor Glaz has done a lobbying in favor of sea motorways, coastal navigation, that will permit to reduce the road traffic and therefore the risk of accident and air pollution.

Mor Glaz comes down in favor of a real Maritime Ministry.


A daily action

- Press release, correspondence, open letters to representative, the Ministry, the Government and the President, in real time...

- We are on the grounds, on the docks, to assist seafarers (financial and food assistance)

- Round tables; discussion with film screening; - A website, always updated


Mor Glaz recognized (some examples)

MOR GLAZ receives a financial supports from personalities of the Media: Patrick Poivre d'Arvor…, Show, Maritime sector, Representative, etc.…

MOR GLAZ gets a recognition also from its media coverage: articles; video; panel, with an important address book from all the world.

MOR GLAZ action is also recognized by the authorities, in spite of the total freedom of speech and independence of the association…

MOR GLAZ has been selected by some students in the Business School of Brest, during the 25th challenge "l'Express - les Grandes Ecoles"

MOR GLAZ was invited in 2012 for the 17th Summer University of the " Mouvement National de Lutte pour l'Environnement".





our objective: « to defend the sea, seafarers, seascape ». Our priorities are to denounce all the downwards in the maritime transport, to propose solution to eliminate all bad actors in that sector. The coastal navigation development and the Maritime Safety Agency are some of our priorities too.

During the last 30 years, the volume of the maritime transport has grown to 430 %. At the same time its cost has decreased to 30 %... what's behind all these figures diametrically opposed? “old ships, seafarers without any status and pseudo-actors of the maritime transport, which handles over 90 per cent of the volume of global trade.

Among some areas (Baltic sea), the transportation of oil has increased from about 100% per year until 2007/2009. All old petroleum ships are in activity (because for some people the trade has to be done at any price)- this is another danger. During the last three years, the chemical tankers development has increased from about 45% per year. The most dangerous remains the containers ships because the control of goods is almost impossible.

MOR GLAZ is strong of various members of all level stratums, professional and representing all maritime actors.

MOR GLAZ defends the European Maritime Safety Agency. We still believe that a Regional Agency shall be set up in the port of Brest.

MOR GLAZ refuses to take the speeches of all people as force value.

For MOR GLAZ, each European country with a maritime vocation shall defend a regional agency.

For MOR GLAZ, only fights that are not conducted are lost in advance….

And for MOR GLAZ, the polluters will have to pay for the damage.

“I have defended with a great personal conviction the renewal of the Tug fleet in High Sea throughout the French Coast. This remains one of the most successful fights and one of the successes in my career with the maintaining of the fleet on the First French Register.

MOR GLAZ association is a militant organization which responds in real time on all maritime events, crew abandons, pollution, accidents, international maritime policies, safety and security etc….. concrete example of its downwards : ERIKA , PRESTIGE