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Gigantic ships problems have been denounced for long time by MOR GLAZ:

communiqué le 8 novembre 2013

Risks for seafarers, risks for coastal population and risks for the ports when these ships are entering/leaving a port and when they are stopped.

For years MOR GLAZ warns the European Maritime Safety Agency that, apparently embarrassed by lack of will, courage or power, never gave an answer.


The latest incidents occured off the coast of Brittany : ships stopped (four ships at the same time in less than a week ), 45 ( reported) containers lost by the container vessel " MAERSK SALINA " during the night of October 27. Since September 2011, MOR GLAZ members ask to replace the tug that was based in La Pallice .

The association VIGIPOL, composed by 109 districts from Brest to Cancale, dedicated to protecting Brittany coasts, will be heard by the European Parliament on 17 December 2013 regarding the risks of the shipping containers.

MOR GLAZ and Vigipol were often together during trials to point at polluters and to request to have them convicted . We often rebel against the European Commission maritime policy , against its liberalism, against social dumping and lack of will to develop a real maritime policy.



The number of serious accidents has been increased during the last years: The accidents of the vessels "MSC FLAMINIA " , " MOL COMFORT " and others follow the MSC NAPOLI, the " ROKIA Delmas " etc. .... There are serious problems of safety and security in the shipping containers on such vessels. MOR GLAZ considers that risks are underestimated.

By attending the naming ceremony of the " JULES VERNE " the French President has endorsed the gigantic ships and flags of convenience. The issue of gigantic container ships is also a concern because the scale changed: what is a problem on board a "normal" container ship can become uncontrollable and lead to disaster on a giant container ship of over 16,000 boxes . The exercise initiated by the "Préfecture Maritime" with the vessel " MARCO POLO " on March 2013 off the coast of Brittany happened in very good weather conditions and even if it was considered as a success , several questions remain unanswered .

Once again the danger has been created before measuring it, before building the means of rescue at sea and in ports. The gigantic vessels at all costs is a dangerous initiative , which is endorsed by the classification societies, the so-called "experts" , insurers , charterers and flag State, because any country in the world can cope with the dangers of these ships in average weather conditions (wind force 7 .. 8)