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le 8 août 2013

The ship cargo « RIVER KING » has been stopped in the port of Granville for several months

(85 days) with 900 tons of gravel and a reduced crew since the 26th of May 2013


In charge of the port's management, the "Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Granville" looks unfavourably upon it and declares that everything will be done to ensure that the ship will leave the port. This is understandable, but rules shall be respected, furthermore in the first international activity that carries 90% of the international trade!

This Albanian coaster ship, flying Belize, has been stopped in the port since the 15th of May 2013 by the decision of Port State Control's Officers because of « grievous deficiencies » representing a serious danger for the seafarers.

All the crew of the « RIVER KING » was on strike in order to receive wages outstanding and to be repatriated - the contract ended several months. With the support of the ITF/CGT Inspector and several associations, all requests have been satisfied.

With a takeover by force, on the 19th of June 2013 at the Maritime administration’s office, seafarers received their flight ticket to go back home.

The association MOR GLAZ is aware that the ship disturbs the ports of Granville, Brest, St Malo, Lorient, Douarnenez or anywhere else. MOR GLAZ refuses that this ship, managed by « pseudo-shipowners », unscrupulous, unrespectful about the working and living conditions of employment of his crew and the ship statement, sails the port.

MOR GLAZ supports the inspectors who have stopped that ship. Besides, why that ship was allowed to sail in her previous ports?Thanks to the convenience of the Flag State, the classification society, insurance, charterer…

The association MOR GLAZ requests the maritime authorities to act. If the ship does not respect standards, she shall not sail.

In order to avoid this kind of situation, we need to be very strict with these pseudo shipowners, who stain the shipowner’s job and distort the competition, more and more important in the maritime sector.

A zero tolerance is compulsory against these « pseudo-shipowners ». And the association MOR GLAZ will fight them everywhere whenever the opportunity will be given. These ships are in the way and undesirable, in all the ports.

These situations would not exist without pseudo shipowners. The downwards must be dealt upstream, and all the same rules shall be applied in Europe, with the same severity. Us and customs that injure seafarers, the environment and the maritime activities shall be changed

Before accepting a ship in a port, agents and ports shall pay attention to the solvency of the shipowners, to the status of the seafarers who are on board and to the ship’s quality.