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PRESS RELEASE September 6, 2013

For which reason all these social behavior can they still exist?

Why professionals on the ports do not rebel against this unfair globalization?

MOR GLAZ’s President and members know why they are not allowed to enter the port of Brest ( a safety pretext ) .


The "M/V Meloi ", flying the flag of Panama - one of the first States who ratified the MLC 2006, “the bill of rights of seafarers”.

The ship Meloi IMO 9392119 with 21 Filipinos on board is currently in the port of Brest. She is discharging 27,500 tons of soybeans on behalf of CARGILL .

Should we continue to authorize such vessels in the French and European ports, knowing that conditions of employment on board do not comply with the minimum of the International Labour Organization ( USD 742 for an OS according to the ILO and on board an OS is paid USD 380/month).

MOR GLAZ would like the shipowner, under the influence of the State of Panama, signs an ITF agreement (International Transport workers’ Federation ) that guarantees a minimum salary of $ 1003. Filipinos on board could hope better social conditions but these " pseudo- shipowners " know how to play a "social" competition " disconcerting " among sailors.

We were told that the MV Meloi built in 2009 is in good condition. But all the ships owned by DALEX SHIPPING CO. SA ( Greece) are flying a flag of convenience ( Panama, Malta, Marshall Islands). MOR GLAZ can not imagine what are the social conditions on board all these ships.

On board the "MV Meloi " seafarers have a twelve months contract ! Some of them are on board for more than 13 months, forced to stay for obvious reasons ! Working conditions below international standards all for more than 10 working hours a day .

MOR GLAZ wishes to inform and raise awareness among business partners who charter the ship and all who have a connection with the ship ( notably CARGRILL) on the seafarers’ conditions.

MOR GLAZ requests the port authorities of Brest to contact Panama so that it takes steps to restore order on board the " pseudo- shipowner” ‘s ships.

" When Agents , Brokers, Charterers and others will understand that it’s better for all to receive good clients rather than pseudo-shipowners.

MOR GLAZ condemns the practices of this "pseudo- shipowner " who claims on its website that " Dalex focuses its efforts for effective, safe and environmentally friendly operation of its fleet. It is committed to serving the needs of shippers, ship personnel and the general public's interest for clean seas and safe transport. Dalex Shipping respects its crews. It strives to maintain working conditions to a high standard. Their well being and that of their families is one of our highest priorities”.

We note once again that these " pseudo- shipowners " create unfair competition, a social poverty among seafarers,which is a difficult activity that that carries 90% of the international trade!, that is to say 8 billion tons of goods in 2012.

How far these downwards will go?