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Why wait so long to decide to tow and

berth the ship

" SARMA 1 " flying Latvian flag and

owned by the company

" Livonia Shipping


" MOR GLAZ considers that when a ship has broken down and the notice has been completed, the vessel has to be towed as soon as possible to the port of Brest. Some days ago, two container ships were stopped along the coast of Britain , the " XIN BEIJING " at 30 miles from North of Brignogan and " HANJIN AMERICA " at 24 miles from the South of Ushant .

The French State receives 50 % of the towing contract once a ship is towed by the tug Abeille Bourbon.

Let us remember in March 1978 , talking shops between shipowners , insurers, charterers etc. ..... had caused the oil slick of the AMOCO CADIZ. This year marks the 35th anniversary of this sad event.

MOR GLAZ considers that the notice is an element that the "Prefet Maritime de l'Atlantique" has to use without asking questions about the shipowner'solvency or other details. Each ship with problem must be towed as soon as possible to release the tug and to let the tug available.

. Before very long, the Brittany Area, by dint of questions and open umbrella, will not leave no more ship berth in the port , yet during this period the port needs to show its capacity and reactivity .


Jean- Paul Hellequin On behalf of MOR GLAZ President