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COMMUNIQUE Landerneau le 5 décembre 2013

Wha's happen on board Condor Ferries' ships flying Bahamas Flag ? One thing's for certain is that some things do not comply with standards defended by union and association like MOR GLAZ.

The French union of seafarers CGT and MOR GLAZ Association are very worried about safety on board and conditions of work and employment of the seafarers.

They have been informed that a sailor fell overboard last saturday when the ship was docking in Saint-Malo .

We are questioning about the circumstances of the accident. Does the current safe manning is enough to ensure the safety of the vessel ? Do the seafarers have enough rest hours ? And what about the passengers' safety ? And how many seafarers are there during the docking operation ? What are the measures taken by the company to guarantee safety on board?

We urgently call on the introduction of an investigation to determine the circumstances of the accident ( that is not the first ) and the measures that were taken after these accidents. We fight again pseudo shipowners and therefore we are concerned about general safety on board under this ship flying flag of convenience BAHAMAS where all downwards are possible. A substandard manning to ensure the safety of the ship and passengers... but also unacceptable conditions of work and employment of seafarers with contracts under all international standards ! With some officers paid 3 /hour !

The ferry Condor Rapide has berth every day in Saint-Malo, FRANCE. Almost all seafarers are French resident. The French law shall be applied.

Besides this company creates an unfair competition. We denounce that situation and claim the authorities who have been informed of the problems to act quickly.