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PRESS RELEASE September 4, 2013

The MOR GLAZ Association congratulates the Master and crew of the vessel "Fromveur II" who evacuated the 361 passengers on board the ship when she touched the bottom..


361 passengers were evacuated in two hours:

* Why equipment on board have not been used ?

* Do these means are sufficient and suitable in all situations?

For years, the « Collectif de défense des liaisons maritimes Ouessant » , an association who defends the sea links between the island Ouessant and the mainland, denounces the lack of means to evacuate passengers in case of problem.

During a meeting at the Minister CUVILLIER’s office in March 2013, MOR GLAZ has submitted a request concerning this sensitive and worrying problem :

Rescue facilities imposed by the maritime authorities on these ships are not enough, neither the manning....

For two years (with supporting evidence) civil and navy authorities, as well as the General Council of Finistère (shipowner of the Ships PENN AR BED) know that means are not sufficient to evacuate passengers in case of problem.

The Member Of Parliament Richard Ferrand was also quite worried and last April he has submitted a written question to the Minister of the Sea and Transport.

MOR GLAZ wants all means rescue to evacuate passengers and the safe manning are revisited on all passenger ships.


On behalf of MOR GLAZ

The president

Jean-Paul Hellequin