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The French ratification of the MLC 2006 (Maritime Labour Convention) in February 2013 can only be a good thing for all seafarers who sail on board pseudo-shipowners’ ships but also for the association “MOR GLAZ” and all activists who defend the seafarers’ welfare.


The association MOR GLAZ that sets sail to defend the seafarers’ rights of all over the world is satisfied that France has finally ratified the MLC 2006. This Convention permits to all seafarers to have an employment contract that will be controlled by all the countries who have ratified the Convention.

Each country (Flag State) member of the MLC 2006 is required to enforce all the rights recognized in that Convention in order to assure decent working conditions.

The French shipowners who are among the best should be satisfied. If the MLC 2006 is respected, the competition will be less unfair : some rules will be compulsory from now on ( the Port State Control Officers will assure the application of the MLC ).

MOR GLAZ believes that the MLC 2006 recompenses many years of negotiation in the seafarers’ benefit but especially for the more destitute, pour those who come from poor countries and who do not have the luck to be employed by professional shipowners.

Four on five of seafarers come from poor countries. Too often these seafarers are exploited by pseudo shipowners who do not respect neither seafarers nor the environment nor fair competition.

MOR GLAZ hopes that the 33 States who have ratified that Convention will put in place everything to enforce it...