Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime

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Landerneau, on the 31st of august 2014

The synthesis of our meetings at the university of the socialist party at LA ROCHELLE

As in 2013, MOR GLAZ Association invited itself on the 30th of August 2014 at the summer university of the Socialist Party at LA ROCHELLE.


The activists belonging to MOR GLAZ Association wished to make the socialist party remember their engagements concerning the maritime safety in the Bay of Biscay…… and of other maritime subjects (Association of Management of the Social Maritime Institutions who manages the seafarers Hotels and Restaurants, the motorways of the sea, the social dumping in the maritime activities etc…..)

MOR GLAZ Association requires that a sea-going tug "supply vessel" of a minimum power of 180 tonnes of traction to the tow hook is put in place to ensure the maritime and coastline safety in the Bay of Biscay.

In august 2011, the sea-going tug "ABEILLE LANGUEDOC" positioned since January 2006 left the port of LA PALLICE to be positioned as soon as possible in the Dover Strait after the disengagement of the British government who ensured the surveillance of this maritime area (financed since 10 years at 50% by the French Government). Quickly, several socialist leaders "required" that François FILLON's Government reposition another tug boat to ensure the protection of the coastline, the seafarers and the goods).

We recon we can say that a meeting will be organized within the next few weeks with Miss Beatrice ABOLLIVIER, Prefect of Charente-Maritime.

All day long, we have distributed 2500 tracts including one to the prime minister who was accompanied by the Mayor of LA ROCHELLE, this one being the first concerned by the maritime safety in the Bay of Biscay. We can affirm that a meeting a organized.

The activists of MOR GLAZ Association have recalled to the adherents of the Socialist Party and also to the citizens that the transport by sea is the way of transport the less energy-hungry, but also the most respectful for the environment: we must so maintain the existing motorways of the sea and create more.

We have reminded and sometimes with insistence that the activity that allows 90%of the world exchanges must find its place within the politic debates and that the maritime activities must be better considered.

We have reminded by giving examples that too many ship are still in a bad state, that the seafarers aren't always respected, paid and considered as they should be and could pretend to be. We have insisted on the fact that 4/5 of the seafarers come from poor countries and are often managed by unscrupulous manning agencies…..