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Landerneau on August 30, 2013, 25 August 2013

While the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) came into force from August 20, 2013, minimum rules of safety are not applied in the country that has implemented the Paris Memorandum of Understanding ( Paris MoU ) in 1982. This Memorandum of Paris aims to improve maritime safety and security with a system of inspections (on board foreign ships) in the ports of the 27 Members. Does it really work and how?

On 8 December 1999 the Motor Tanker " Erika " left without any problem the port of DUNKIRK. On 12 December (4 days later) the ship broke into two off the coast of Brittany. All remember this disaster and consequences.

The MOR GLAZ Association doubts about the effectiveness of the ships’ control in European ports. Ports are in competition, at the cost of sailors’ safety and Environment.

MOR GLAZ notices that unfortunately there is still a country ( flag ), a classification society, a charterer, port authorities, an insurer, a " pseudo- shipowner " who are game for anything to ensure that all these vessels in poor condition will sail ( a third of the existing 80,000 ships ( identified )

The cargoship " RIVER KING currently in the port of GRANVILLE " could be allowed to sail along our coasts. This is an evidence of a "convenience", a " tolerance". Due to many deficiencies, the vessel has been detained ( the third detention in less than twelve months !) by the Port State Control Officers of CAEN upon her arrival in May 2013 in GRANVILLE. MOR GLAZ and seafarers’ unions consider that the detention is justified.

All the crew of the " RIVER KING ", without any written employment contract were on strike to get owed wages and go back home because their contract were ended three months ago! Thanks to determination and with the support of ITF, the crew has been repatriated.

When the " RIVER KING " arrived in GRANVILLE, she flagged “BELIZE” ( which is on the gray list in the Paris MoU ! ). Last July Belize has deleted the ship from its registry and the ship was accepted by the Panama Flag. What does it means ?

The the Paris MOU rules are clear: if a ship is detained more than twice in the port of a Paris

MoU’Member, during the last 12 months, she is banned for a 3 months period. Just because it would be too dangerous for the ship to sail off the coast, the French authorities would have decided to cancel the ban. Why did they cancel the sanction?

MOR GLAZ” denounces "negotiations" with a "pseudo shipowner " who is unable to fulfill its responsibilities of " shipowner .

" MOR GLAZ remind that the " RIVER KING 'is dangerous, that she has to be banned everywhere for obvious reasons .

When… the French Government will understand that it is not “anymore”possible to negotiate with "pseudo- shipowners " who do not respect any rule (environmental safety and competition).

In some French ports ships have been abandoned for years. For instance, the ship " MARGINELLA " is "abandoned" to Cherbourg since 2006 .


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