Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime

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Last weekend the "Socialist Summer School" took place in la Rochelle. MOR GLAZ, represented by Laure TALLONNEAU, Jean-Philippe CHATEIL and Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN invited itself. 5000 tracts have been leafleted to the participants and inhabitants .. .


All the day MOR GLAZ explained to journalists, local councillors, elected representative, political leaders of the Socialist Party (and other) that the Bay of Biscay, a sensitive maritime waterway was not protected any more since the departure of the tug "Abeille Languedoc", in August 2011. This area is frequented by ships increasingly gigantic, carrying on passengers, various products - sometimes very dangerous and not always listed.

The distribution was an opportunity to talk about maritime activities and its advantages for the environment - during the current carbon tax debate, - the energy conservation per ton shipped and downwards caused by some "pseudo-shipowners".

MOR GLAZ met with several political leaders and handed over its report to :

. The Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault,

. The Minister of Transport, Frederic CUVILLIER,

. The Ecology party's President in the Senate, Jean-Vincent PLACE

. The local candidate in LA ROCHELLE, Jean-François Fountaine. We shall support him. The Government's decision will have consequencies in the protection of his coastal area.

As the carbon tax is debating, MOR GLAZ repeats that the shipping is a priority, a necessity and a way to reduce pollution. We shall go further into the development of waterways, wherever possible.