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le 16 décembre 2013

France is an exporting country, yes ... but work's export

6 hulls of the Navy,

among 5 positioned near Brest

will be demolished in Belgium …

Does the cost is the only criteria for getting the contract ?



This relocation was not useful and could have been averted …..

After a long-time thinking (many years), The French Navy just gave a fatal blow to the old ship demolition in France and notably in Bordeaux Bassens (as BREST does not want to invest this area whereas all means are here, both in military and civilian areas).


MOR GALZ has some doubts... We are told that this company « Van Heyghen Galloo» can demolish in the same social and environmental conditions and is 32 % less expensive than a French site.

Once Again, people in charge of these case have exported two years of work for 25 to 30 employees !

SHAME on them who are covered behind their administration / ministry...