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The accident in the port of Brest of the Bulk Carrier "DUBAI FAITH" (180 meters ) would it have been avoided?

MOR GLAZ 's analysis on the subject : On the 7 May 2013, the drama in the port of Genoa should have given a warning. Ports have to be more careful when they decide how many tugs are required to assist a ship entering or leaving a port, in Brest or elsewhere.

MOR GLAZ condemns insufficient means in the port of Brest. Tugs are not enough powerful. A tuf of 50 tons of traction and two of 40 tons are required.

MOR GLAZ asks itself some questions:. ..

.What is the captain’s power on board merchant ships against shipping’s capitalism? ..

.Do the Pilots report hazardous ships to the authorities; do they report any doubts about the quality and reliability of some ships arriving in ports ?

.Do the drivers are sufficiently demanding to request the appropriate means or does the populism applies- at the cost of safety and security ?

.Do the captains are heard when they require additional resources to ensure the safety of seafarers, ships and goods.

MOR GLAZ has known by its members among the merchant marine and towing port that every day people working in the ports face pressures from the economics’ actors. Because shipowners always look at port services at the lowest cost during stopovers. Some pseudo-shipowners even impose to the captain the number of tugs to be used during stops. Captains, sailors and port authorities suffer of the opposition of the “security” and “profitability”. The contractors who know nothing about the ship’s operation impose constantly a competition among ports, at the safety cost.

Pilots in Brest and elsewhere should be less cautious and have to report unsafe ships. The omerta, settlements, populism and the excessive powers of some are not the solution. We can see now the damages. Some of the Brest docks have been badly damaged. This will have serious consequences in the economic activity in the port.

MOR GLAZ denounces unfair competition between ports.

MOR GLAZ denounces abuses that are established under the pretext of wanting to reduce the cost of transportation in the interest of the consumer (who has nothing to say). In France for years the number of port tugs are challenged (in talks) to comply - we are told- to what it is done elsewhere.

MOR GLAZ considers that harbor towage is the first essential link in the chain of the maritime safety. That cost is very small in the call of a ship, considering the tonnage transported. Maritime safety and security in ports begin with reliable port services in sufficient quantity and quality. Populism in the port of Brest will once again cost to the community and the image of the port.