Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime



Landerneau 10th November 2016

Since the Interministerial Committee for the Sea, chaired by the prime Minister Manuel VALLS in Marseille the 4th November 2016, and the Maritme Economy Congress in La ROCHELLE the 8th and 9th November 2016, propositions for the marine sector are numerous. The MOR GLAZ Association is quite satisfied, nevertheless, we must ensure that these propositions become reality not remain just propositions.

The President of the Repulic's presence the 8th November 2016 and the welcome given to him by Frédéric MONCANY de SAINT AIGNAN, the Marine Cluster President and all the organisations present at the Congress in La ROCHELLE gave this maritime assembly a certain grandeur and aura .

The MOR GLAZ Association recognized the President of the Republic's maritime knowledge, this was the first time that Seafarers, their circumstances, and social dumping has been raised at such a level. Because the opportunity was available, the MOR GLAZ Association verbally thanked the President of the Republic and we gave him handwritten letter.

The MOR GLAZ Association had requested a meeting with the President of the Republic's Office, we were received for more than an hour, topics raised, replacing the Abeilles salvage tugs FLANDRE and LANGUEDOC, but also the lack of resources covering the Bay of Biscay. The MOR GLAZ Association allowed themselves to go over the background history since 1978.

For the salvage tug replacement, we have drawn attention to our interloctors, not to be misled on the nautical resources, on quality, we have taken trouble to explain the difference between a tug designed for salvage and one designed for offshore supply and especially when passing a towing hawser.

Regarding the lack of resources to cover the large Bay of Biscay zone, we did not remain silent on the operational experience for the "Modern Express" a ship, which drifted for days in the Bay of Biscay. Two of our listeners, but not the least important, took up a firm position to return a salvage tug to secure this large area.

For the MOR GLAZ Association, coastal protection must be reinforced and rethought, including onshore, with reliable and efficient intervention teams, as decided at the end of the 80's. The MOR GLAZ Association also recalled under what conditions coastal protection was put inplace, demanded by citizens and certain very committed elected notables "Marc BECAM, Guy GUERMEUR, Alphonse ARZEL, Michel GLEMARREC and many others.

During these discussions, the tone, as usual, remained very courteous, however the MOR GLAZ Association asserted our knowledge on both the subjects raised, we remained very resolute and argued our requests, which are those of our citizens, we do not want a "low cost" coastal protection.

Every time that th MOR GLAZ Association perceives a change of course, or what may be a bad choice for the Association, we will make our voice heard ! We have also tackled the flag authority which can only be the First Register to carry out such assignments. The salvage tug fleet should be the strategic fleet, it should be pointed out, that coastal protection, to de decided in the coming months can only"must" be reinforced, and above all the decisions to be taken will be for 35 to 40 years.

For the MOR GLAZ Association President Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN