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PRESS RELEASE MOR GLAZ , 8 September 2014

Grotesque ... The situation of the cargoship "CAPTAIN Tsarev", arrested and stranded since November 2008 in the port of Brest ( see and this continues !

Last Sunday, September 7th, 2014 at 1'42am , a text message from one of our member said that there was a fire on board the "CAPTAIN Tsarev."

I am not surprised because since the last 6 years - since the ship arrived in Brest,- all authorities / administrations have shown such incompetence and immobility, as well as the microcosm of Brest. This ship should have been dismantled for a long time, as close as possible.

Every ship stranded in a port without any "guardian" is a danger. Off course this is not a reason to authorise a substandard ship to sail , -i.e the M/V "JUST MARIIAM".

We do not think that the port of Brest to be as secure as some people say ... ..

What it found is beyond dispute: ... the port of Brest applies safety and security rules : YES BUT !!! not for squatters and other visitors of abandoned ships, left without any guardians.

The M/V "CAPITAIN Tsarev" and the M/V "ANTIGONE Z" must be dismantled where they are stranded , in Brest, as well as other stranded vessels in France, Europe and elsewhere ...

Which law could still cover these pseudo shipowners who abandon their crew and ship ?

The banners of MOR GLAZ posted on board these ships to draw the attention were muh less dangerous than the visitors ... there are two different sets of balances

The President of MOR GLAZ Jean Paul Hellequin