Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime




Landerneau August 8, 2015

The 6th of August 6 2015 at 10:40 p.m., thanks to the vigilance of the watchmen of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center Gris Nez and the professionalism of some actors in charge of maritime security, the accident could be avoided in the Dover Strait. An accident at sea quickly turns into drama and maritime disaster.

The cargo ship "Musketier" flying the flag of Gibraltar, 88 meters long with a draft of 5 meters carrying steel, was not respecting the mandatory traffic sepatration scheme set up off the coast of Ushant Island.

The M/V Musketier was shipping steel, cargo few or no environmentally hazardous course, but that ship was very dangerous for the other ships in a strait where over 500 vessels cross every day. .

MOR GLAZ Association had hoped that the ship and her crew be returned to the port of Boulogne under escort. That is not the first time: the 8th of February 2011 the "Musketier" was found in trouble at the same place, apparently for the same reasons !!

The association MOR GLAZ "blame" the French and British authorities to have missed this second offender. The ship was forced to follow the traffic separation scheme but was not arrested. The authorities have allowed an unconscious and dangerous captain and crew to continue the voyage.

Why that vessel "Musketier" was not towed into port, because of lack of means or lack of courage !!! face to a shipping industry " all powerful even when the vessel belongs to a "pseudo-owner."

Too often on bridges, the watch is not done or done insufficiently because the crew members are understaffed and sometimes not rigorous in their job (shipping activity which is the first global business) .

This ship with a master/crew having this such of behavior is dangerous for to other seafarers until her next port of call Bermeo in Spain.

All messages that might be sent to the authorities of the flag State, the owner and other jurisdictions and the recommendations of the International Maritime Organization and the European Maritime Safety Agency on the staff and safety rules and navigation on board ships will remain dead letter as usual.

On behalf of MOR GLAZ Association,

Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN, President