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Landerneau le 7 février 2015

The competition for size of ships continues.

In 2012, 16.000 20-foot equivalent units (one of them is equal to 38.5 cubic meters),

in 2013, 18.000 20-foot equivalent units,

in 2015, 19.000 20-foot equivalent units.

The people in charge of the maritime transport have they become crazy…up to where will the authorizations go, and what are the wishes to take the good course seeing China and certain European ship-owners?

The biggest container ship in the world baptized several days ago in a south Korean ship-yard, this giant the "CSCL GLOBE" belonging to the Chinese company "CHINA SHIPPING CONTAINER LINES"

This giant of 400 meters length by 50.6 meters large is the first of a series of 5 sister-ships who should be in service in 2015, her dangerous capacity has been increased during her construction, this will authorize her to transport 19.000 20-foot equivalent units. For MOR GLAZ Association, this race is unnecessary.

This competition for size is often denounced by MOR GLAZ Association at the idea of an accident at sea or in a port. But the requirements of a large profit have their law: always more in the less time, this is right for the maritime transport (dangerous goods or not) but also for the passenger ships. The loss of containers, the towage exercise by calm weather of the "MARCO POLO" of the coast of Brittany in march 2013, on the demand of the Atlantic Maritime Prefect, the fire on board the ferry "NORMAN ATLANTIC" in December 2014, all these exercises, these accidents shouldn't they make the International Maritime Organization, the insurers, all the serious actors of the International Maritime Organization, and all the port authorities who receive these ships. On board these giants, the safety and security fears are real. A fire on board these giants, at port or at sea would quickly become a human and environmental disaster.

MOR GLAZ Association askes that all these giants have a sufficient number of crew-members, well trained seafarers of the same nationality, speaking the same language.

MORGLAZ asks that these ships are equiped with a towing line at the front and at the back".

MOR GLAZ Association askes that the International Maritime Organization and the insurers of these ships equip them with the JLMD Ecologic System.

MOR GLAZ Association askes that professional armed guards are systematically embarked on board these ships.

MOR GLAZ Association askes that the technical stops for these ships are frequent and rigorous.

The common sense should sometimes override it on the rest…..