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7 février 2014

Following the claims made two months ago by the crew members of the Condor Rapide which ended up in a useless mania for meetings, seafarers gave a notice of strike action which took effect yesterday thursday february the sixth.

Despite announcement effects by the management of Condor Ferries,ITF-CGT trade unions denounce once more the lack of qualified negotiators able to take the necessary steps in this situation.

Once again ITF-CGT trade unions refuse to take part in a meeting which is not intended to reach the signature of a collective agreement which includes seafarers' claims.

By this press release, ITF-CGT trade unions wish to inform the Jersey and Guernsey governments, as well as the French authorities, that this strike, under the present conditions, can only be a lasting one, except if the contract between seafarers and Condor Ferries includes an ITF-CGT clause and a social collective agreement binding the seafarers and the Condor Ferries company.

Given the way the situation of seafarers victims of accidents in the company was managed so far, on human and financial levels, ITF-CGT trade unions have doubts as to the sincerity of the shipowner when he declares that the safety and well-being of the seafarers are his priorities.


4 février 2014

L'association MOR GLAZ est choquée par les conditions sociales des gens de mer

(le dumping social et le concurrence déloyale que cela peut générer)

embarqués sur les navires de " Condor Ferries ".