Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime


le 6 décembre 20014

On the 1st of August 2014, France ratified the Maritime Labour Convention MLC 2006. This ratification obliges France to assume certain responsibilities. MOR GLAZ Association observes once more with a certain degree of bitterness that France does neither assume their responsibilities nor their international engagements which could make life better for all the seamen

Since the 3rd of December 2014, the ship "OLGA" IMO 9109548 with a Liberian flag has docked in the port of Saint Nazaire. This ship has got 17 seamen on board of different nationalities, Lithuanians, Bulgarians, Ukrainians and Filipinos.


The Association has been informed of the social situation on board this ship. Certain seamen are on board since more than 14 months, we observe once more that the authorities and the port administrations don't do anything or not much to defend these seamen or to contact the ship-owner, the freight forwarder or whoever… Yesterday, one of those seamen was sent to hospital for reasons of stress.

We remind that all the maritime and port administrations are supposed to contribute to the welfare of the seamen, what defence have they got in front of that? Of their lack of absence in front of these pseudo ship-owners who leave their seamen on board for 14 months. These seamen can't disembark will they haven't been replaced, they are like prisoners since they have accomplished their contract. This "behaviour" coming from the maritime administrations, facing the maritime social dumping, is an encouragement to these hooligans of the sea, who know that in the French ports, everything is possible…..without being penalized or bothered by anyone except by the maritime unions and associations like MOR GLAZ.

The association saluted the ratification of the MLC 2006 by France, we think that all the seamen have been cheated and that nothing will change except if the maritime authorities at the highest level ask to the employees of the docks to make it be applied.