Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime




This Monday, May 5, 2014 , the President of the Association MOR GLAZ Jean- Paul Hellequin , Vice-President Laure Tallonneau and Christian Bucher went to Camaret sur ??Mer, on the site of the company Construction Métallique de l’Ouest ( Steel Construction of the West) that was set up there recently.

Sum up : this company is established with all necessary approvals including those of Bâtiments de France.

The new Council has decided not to renew the authorization to set up.

During this visit in Camaret sur ??Mer, MOR GLAZ met with Yannick CAPITEN, CEO of the company CMO and Mr. Christmas Guilbert, the site manager .

After this meeting , the association MOR GLAZ reiterates its support for this industrial activity in the port of Camaret sur ??Mer. All social rights and environment standards are met and this activity creates jobs .

MOR GLAZ defends in Camaret sur Mer and everywhere all maritime activities, jobs creator, if everything is in compliance with standards that we defend.

In a warehouse well equipped and ventilated, the company cleans and repairs barges for the Navy . Currently 7 workers are employed by the company. Everyhting is in line with the social and environmental laws.

If we maintain this activity, a diversification can be considered. That s mean dozens of jobs in addition created .

Because of feeble excuse, " landscape", defended by some few people , this area will be deprived by dozens of jobs?

The behavior of the new Council is shocking and grotesque , this activity creates jobs and must be maintained.