Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime




at last June 3, 2014 , the use of private armed guards aboard ships under the French flag in piracy area has been authorised by the Senate.

The question will be studied by the National Assembly on 19 June 2014.. We hope that this decision could be implemented. The State shall ensure that contractors are able to perform this activity and respect all condition. Private armed guards are limited to high piracy area. The use of force is limited to self-defense. Weapons and conditions shall be strictly controlled. MOR GLAZ requested for a long time the government to find as soon as possible a sustainable solution.

Professional licenses shall be issued to regulate this activity. MOR GLAZ reminds that economic issues and National independence are related to maritime activity (World activity) , representing 320,000 jobs, more than the automobile industry all brands.

Following our press release, a private company, directed by a former of the GIGN (special crack force of the gendarmerie), with a great background in police protection wanted to meet us. We know that there is a serious Training Center in France ( in compliance with social standards, etc)