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COMMUNIQUE Landerneau le 5 décembre 2014

The MSC Company who is well known applies their own way the MLC 2006 that is supposed to protect the seafarers. Mor Glaz Association learned that three seamen embarked on board the "MSC SOPHIE" during the ship was docked at Le Havre have been "fired"… well almost, they should be disembarked at the next port of call, we are informing our sentinels at "LAS PALMAS".

Mor Glaz Association has sent through their network a social alert, as the container carrier "the MSC SOPHIE" docked on the 30th of November 2014 in the port of Le Havre, does not meet the standards by way of hygiene, safety, and comfort for the seamen embarked on board this ship with a Panamanian flag.

The MSC Company applies their own way the MLC 2006, as we have learnt that three crew member have been "disembarked" "fired" or will be because they are accused to have communicated with the International Transport Worker's Federation.

Mor Glaz Association was right to point the attention on this ship, as left the port of Le Havre yesterday, the 4th of December in the evening. The ship was this morning off the coast of Brittany, heading for Las Palmas where she won't have any problems, except that we are informing the port authorities of the next port of call. Mor Glaz Association wishes to remind that rules exist and that they must be applied and respected by all companies including and especially the important international ones…..

Mor Glaz Assocation realizes once more that certain ship owners would like a code of silence on their activities and their "social" politic.

Mor Glaz Association is satisfied of their action reminds with this communicate that they have not been warned by someone on board this ship. The port security who is" very protective of these social abuses" don't give us access to the ports, but certain people fell concerned by the wellness of the seafarers. These people "sentinels" know how to have our attention. We ask the MSC Company to call back these three seamen. When we pretend to be the best, wouldn't it be better to make these "their" seamen in good conditions on board good ships… and th apply correctly the MLC 2006.