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Association MOR GLAZ

Landerneau le 4 octobre 2014

Open letter sent by e-mail to Madam Segolene Royal


Madam the Minister, Madam Segolene Royal,

When the "COSTA CONCORDIA" passed on the 24th of July 2014 off the coast of Corsica, you had wished "decided" to show your determination in this situation where this convoy could have polluted on its way passed, and you had also wanted to answer to the concern of the Corsicans and the associations concerned and mobilised to protect the maritime environment.

Mor Glaz Association had also noted one of your statements, you wished that the recycling of the old ships was done the closest possible without taking the risks of towing them far and any unuseful transportation that always has a risk.

Your engagements and your presence weren't only ministerial but also the engagement of Madam Royal. Your decision to come on board the "JASON" will stay a significant act.

Madam, on the 11th of October 2014, the ex "JEANNE d'ARC" will be towed from Brest to be dismantled "recycled" at Bordeau-Bassens, will you be there for the departure of this convoy, to ensure that all the risks will be avoided? Even if the towage of the "MSC CONCORDIA" and of the ex "JEANNE d'ARC" don't have the same risk, the displacing "transfer" of the waste by the sea represents a danger.

Madam the Minister, Mor Glaz Association is a well-known Association by your office as since you are Minister, your office has often received us about maritime subjects, more precisely the lack of salvage resources in the Bay of Biscay, area that will be crossed by the convoy to reach the Gironde Estuary that is reputed to be dangerous.

Madam the Minister, Mor Glaz Association is quite satisfied that certain military ships are dismantled "recycled" in France.

Mor Glaz Association draws your attention to the fact that all the military ships must be dismantled "recycled" the closest possible.

Madam the Minister, you should "could" ask the question to the minister of the defence, how is it that old military ships are "stocked" in a "NATURA 2000" area since several decades waiting to be dismantled too often in yards outside of France….. This time, Mor Glaz Association is pleased of the choice of a French yard.