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MOR GLAZ is shocked by the social conditions of seafarers ( social dumping and unfair competition)

on board ships owned by " Condor Ferries ."


Nobody looked after a seafarer injured during a maneuver in the docks of Saint- Malo on 27 November 2013. We can see again dangers faced by seafarers and obscure social conditions on ships flying flags of convenience. MOR GLAZ notes with regret that authorities would not have been informed of the case if we did not tell them a seafarer fell overboard, was unconscious and had been rushed to hospital by crewmembers, and the first report of the accident was falsified. Consequently an investigation would not have been triggered by the BEAmer. Now we wonder why the captain of the ferry was not present during the planned visit of the BEAmer Monday, January 27, 2014 ? Is it again a way for this pseudo- shipowner to try to evade the questions and to avoid the responsibilities "?

The port of Saint -Malo is responsible to allow only vessels where all measures are taken to guarantee seafarers and passengers safety. The management of the accident showed that " Condor Ferries ' failed and does not assume the consequences. Is it serious to let carry passengers under these conditions?

Defending all seafarers, MOR GLAZ wonders if the shipowner could continue to employ seafarers seeing that any rule is respected : French laws on safety, working conditions and employment , the principle of "no more favorable treatment" basis the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 ( MLC) ratified by France etc.

MORGLAZ requests the signature of a collective bargainning agreement between this shipowner and the representatives of seafarers. French law shall be applied.

In December 2004, the company was found guilty of bid-rigging by the Competition Council. We must put an end to this scandalous and dangerous social dumping. What does The Minister of Transport think about that ? What the authorities think about that ?

It is not aceptable for MOR GLAZ that this company whose ships call every day in Saint Malo is exempted from taxes and rules that are imposed to others shipowners

31 janvier 2014

What happened on board the ships owned by " CONDOR FERRIES",

sailing between the Channel Islands and St Malo, flying the flag BAHAMAS?

A thing is sure : nothing is in compliance with the standards " recommended " by the

association MOR GLAZ. All seafarers have to be covered by a collective agreement.