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Landerneau le 3 février 2015

The french oceanographic science vessel " POURQUOI PAS? "(belonging at a 100% to the government) on technical stop in Poland!...Grotesque and yet, it has been confirmed. A false good plan, a good bad idea.


In a first time, on the 17th of January 2015 at the announcement of the technical stop of the "POURQUOI PAS?" in Poland, MOR GLAZ Association thought that is was a bad joke, after several phone calls, the false good idea had been confirmed by people working for the company "GENAVIR" themselves a bit surprised by this decision, that this technical stop will really be in Poland.

MOR GLAZ Association observe as too often, that there is a "wide gulf" between the declarations and the management of our politicians. MOR GLAZ Association observes with bitterness, the shyness of each other to speak freely, on the social lowest bidder in the European Union. All scandalized "the "incomprehension" but not with the same determination. In a country who has 10 million poor people, 4 million people without a job, in a country that continually helps enterprises, in a country who has got all the necessary infrastructures and all the technical competences, the best safety conditions for the employees and the protection of the environment. How is it possible to let these contracts go to the social lowest bidder and the lowest tariff conditions and putting our yards in difficulty.

If the ship-owner "France" (this ship belongs at 45% to the navy and 55% to IFREMER) sends their ships to foreign ship yards, will they be European. How can we still hope that the private French and foreign ship-owners still have their ships repaired in France. "THE PACT FOR THE FUTURE OF BRITTANY" is in difficulty and it will be hard to keep it going.

After several "discrete" investigations, MOR GLAZ Association is persuaded that this technical stop will cost much more than if it was done in a closer ship yard. MOR GLAZ Association Knows that the French enterprises will send specialists for the most important technical works to be done. MOR GLAZ Association suggests to the delegates of "IFREMER" and "GENAVIR" to ask for accounts to an independent expert to know the real cost of this technical stop and to be very careful about any incident that could happen during and after this technical stop in Poland, including an environmental incident…..