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Landerneau 2nd May 2017

Early April 2017, the MOR GLAZ association was pleased to learn with some satisfaction, that the contracts for the Group BOURBON Rescue and Oil Spill Recovery, (ROSR) vessels Argonaute and Jason, were renewed by the French State, under the Maritime Prefecture authorities, Argonaut for the Atlantic and Jason for the Mediterranean Sea.

The MOR GLAZ association requests, up to the highest level of State, that these (ROSR) ships be incorporated into the strategic fleet, a subject widely talked about during the Maritime and Coastal Economy Congress held in La Rochelle 2016.


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For the MOR GLAZ association, the strategic fleet must not be LOW COST under lame excuses of economic or social reasons. Whenever there is a call for application, followed by a tender, proper criteria must be considered during the first round: the selected company's financial capacity, its ability to meet additional requirements, the company's organisation chart (to avoid any conflict of interest), the social status of employees (office staff and seafarers) and the flag state of the ships etc. .

The MOR GLAZ association knows that all companies that purport ready to take these contracts, do not have the same qualities, the same financial strengths, the same abilities, the same social criteria. This time we were pleased the LOW COST did not prevail. The MOR GLAZ association will remain vigilant! The only ships owned by reliable ,well-known French companies can be chartered by the State.

The salvage tug fleet, the ROSR, port tugs, scientific ships and other maritime sectors, should be 1st Register French flag, furthermore it is imperative that all these ships are incorporated into the strategic fleet. It is necessary to remember that the ROSR contracts are decisions taken for the long term :10 to 15 years, over 30 years for salvage tugs!

The strategic fleet cannot be made up of a LOW COST fleet. As soon as the new governement is in place, the MOR GLAZ association will request to be received in order to draw attention on the real maritime subjects which preoccupy us, social status, development of maritime activities which respect mankind and the environment and other maritime subjects.

For the MOR GLAZ Association

Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN President

Translation:- T.J. & M-L. Davies