Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime


On the Sunday the 3rd of May 2015, 5 of the 8 seamen who are from Honduras, Guatemala and Romania embarked on board the "KARL" will go home with a part of the 65 days wages that have still not been paid. Three of these seamen have been on board for 8 months. The three Romanian seamen will go home on the 6th of May 2015. These three seamen had been abandoned in the port of Brest by a "pseudo ship-owner" and with the complicity of certain people in charge of the maritime transport!!! Unscrupulous louts for who these seamen represent so little or nothing.

How ungrateful from a "pseudo ship-owner" who allows himself to make these seamen work without respecting the minimum wages fixed by the International Labour Organization by less than 60% for some of them.

How ungrateful are those who choose to charter this ship and not another because it is cheaper.

How ungrateful for these seamen, those from the "KARL" and all those across the world who are abandoned alongside a dock.

Despite this misadventure, the seamen of the "KARL" like others who were abandoned in France and more precisely in Brittany have had the chance to meet people who are dedicated, who were mobilized for them. These thousands of seamen abandoned across the world each year have not got this chance. What are the good ship-owners doing to marginalize these louts of the maritime transport, these pseudo ship-owners, these unscrupulous charterers… what is the International Maritime Organisation and the European Union doing to stop this, not much or nothing (except texts being stacked on a desk who don't protect these seamen, where 4/5th come from poor countries.

The seizure of this ship by the ITF inspector Laure TALLONNEAU was crucial for this affair. We know that her tenaciousness , that her engagement to defend the seamen , those of the "KARL" and others will be decisive for the French government to get their 22500 euros back that they lent to help these seamen. We know that when the ship will be sold, she'll remind that these seamen have only been partially paid between 40% and 82% of what is owed to them.

On Thursday the 30th of April 2015, MOR GLAZ Association had a meeting with the advisor of the French President when he came to Brest, the advisor of the transports and of the environment, Mr Xavier PIECHACZYK told us he would ask the Region of Brittany that the first to be paid when the ship shall be sold would be the seamen and that the wages must be based on the minimum allowed by the ITF. MOR GLAZ Association was accompanied by one of the seamen of the "KARL" who took note and we are now waiting to see and appreciate.



les cinq marins du " KARL" sont bien arrivés auprès de leurs proches aujourd'hui le 5 mai 2015


à droite :le Chef Mécanicien HUMBERTO MENDEL qui vivait son 2 ème première fois c'était moins bien passé.

( sa fille Leslie nous a prévenu de leur arrivée le 5 mai 2015 au Guatemala)

au centre : Francisco LOPEZ/AMAYA,marin du Honduras embarqué depuis 7 mois à bord du " KARL" et sans salaire depuis 2 mois