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The seafarers of the " KARL " are abandoned at Brest, who does what…

On the 25th of March 2015 à 2.00pm, the seamen's good health commission have met concerning the situation of the seamen aboard the ship "KARL", this meeting has shown the worry of all the members about what is happening to these seamen. Since 48 hours, the "pseudo ship-owner" can't feed his seamen and the wages of March haven't been paid. MOR GLAZ Association considers that the seamen have been abandoned for obvious reasons.

The pseudo ship-owner, charterers, ship broker and others tell the same stories than for all the other abandonments. How can the administrations be tricked so easy, the port authorities wanting this ship to go whatever are the social conditions of the seamen. For MOR GLAZ Association, these seamen must be sent home as soon as possible with all of their wages….. The becoming of the "KARL" isn't our affair. These seamen mustn't believe the promises, the "lies" of the "pseudo ship-owners or others at the risk to find themselves abandoned in a country that doesn't care.

These seamen come from Honduras, Guatemala and Romania….. These seamen deserve respect as all seamen, these seamen who transport 7 billion of exchanges per year.

The pseudo ship-owner will sooner or later have to pay the wages or the charterer but a solution must be found. More time passes, more the situation will be difficult for everyone but mostly for the seamen, that certain of them have already known this situation, but this time, MOR GLAZ Association has got an eye and will make in sort that the law is applied.