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The old and dangerous refrigerated cargo ship "ANTIGONE Z" has become an abandoned "thing" in the port of Brest since 1st March 2013, has it been mistakenly surrendered, or even worse disposed of to clean up the port of Brest, to its original owner 'the pseudo-shipowner", in its present state.

This machine should under no circumstances leave Brest, it must be demolished as near as possible, it must not be used by these "pseudo-shipowners" to put in danger the lives of less well-off seafarers , who are often surprised when they discover the ships on which they have to sail. These seafarers sent by Manning companies and the complicity of a well organised "system" !

This machine must not quit the port of Brest, we request the competent authorities, to make the proper inquiries as to who has acquired this ship, and if necessary, to revoke this sale, should there be a doubt about the buyer! Nobody should be an accomplice to the consequences if this ship happened to fall into the wrong hands, which would be damaging to seafarers, to the environment and which would give a bleak and false picture of maritime activities ; Let's try and fly the flags high !

Quick reminder: This refrigerated cargo ship "ANTIGONE Z" registered in Panama and belonging to a Greek "pseudo-shipowner" arrived in Douarnenez, Brittany 1st March 2012 to load more than 1300 tonnes of frozen fish for a Dutch shipper "Marine SEAFOOD". The ship's destination was the port of Alexandria in Egypt!

3rd April 2012: the crew of this old refrigerated cargo ship, was made up of 8 Russian and 2 Lithuanian sailors who demanded their salary arrears, unpaid for some 11 months. MOR GLAZ association, the ITF union, several associations, the Concarneau CGT seafarers union for Western France, CGT local unions in Brest and Dournenez, the department Union for Finistere, and others were mobilised to take action in support of these seafarers, so that they would be paid their salary arrears, some 226 000 USD, which was paid by the shipper a few weeks after this mobilisation.

This ship belonged to a Greek "Pseudo-shipowner", Georges STAMATIS. This ship was chartered by a Dutch company, Marine SEAFOOD, the cargo should have been delivered to Alexandria in Egypt. This ship built in 1969, 78 meters long, was already in a piteous state when it arrived in Douarnenez, so it could not return to sea without mandatory repairs for the safety of crew and cargo.

This "pseudo-shipowner" was already known for negligence. 19th May 2010, this ship nearly sailed from Brest without food supplies. The MOR GLAZ association condemned this growing casualisation in the merchant navy and criticised cost reductions carried out by certain companies where the crews always suffer the consequences. "These situations are all too frequent". International and European organisations seem ineffective or unwilling in front of these unscrupulous shipowners. The MOR GLAZ association will continue to denounce certain practices within the maritime world.

For the MOR GLAZ Association

Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN President

Translation T.J. And M-L. Davies