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Public debate organised by the Communist Party on the 25th of june 2014 at Brest with the theme "Development of the port of Brest".

The choice of Mor Glaz Association is to answer to all invitations and to participate at the development of the maritime activities. On Wednesday the 25th of june 2014 (Day of the seafarer) Laure TALLONNEAU (ITF Inspector) was at the office of the secretary of state for the sea and the transport to defend the priorities for her and Mor Glaz Association where she is Vice-President (Treasurer).

This public debate on the reindustrialisation and the development of the port of Brest, even if we are convinced that it could (should) have been during the municipal and European campaign we salute it, for Mor Glaz Association, Brest has assets so let's benefit and develop Brest and all the region…..Brest has the chance to be a port as cities like Dunkirk, Le Havre, Cherbourg, Saint-Nazaire, La Rochelle, Marseille and the others… are important because they are port cities. All the metropolitan cities in the world have ports.

Would Roscoff be what it is without its port, so as Saint-Malo, Concarneau (with its repair and shipbuilding yard), Lorient to only mention these towns.

Brest must once again become a merchant port, a place of production, of repair and dismantling of old ships and metal structures, the civil and military ports should coordinate their efforts and spaces instead of looking at each other as opponents….. And become partners.

A port must kindle desire towards the industrials and the ship owners for them to come for their ship repairs and to call in to import and export their goods, but also to build and export their goods the closest possible of the docks (from the free motorway usable all the time) the space is there, it must be used the most possible with qualified crews and good ships.

The false starts of the latest years

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) who was defended by the Mor Glaz Association is now installed in Lisbon.

The dispatch of the aircraft carrier "ex CLEMENCEAU" towards Hartlepool in England to be dismantled while companies from Brest would of wanted this work in respect of the human being and of the environment. This yard would have demonstrated the know-how of Brest and would have brought other clients. Other examples, the "MATTERHORN" who left Bordeaux-Bassens and recently the scrapping market of 6 hulls belonging to the navy of which 5 were stationed near Brest and were attributed to the Belgium yard "Galloo" for a price 32% cheaper than the lowest quote proposed by the French yards….. Why does France send their old military ships to be dismantled in Belgium… Is the cost the only criterion? The dispatch of the "ex JEANNE D'ARC" and the "ex COLBERT" towards Bordeaux.

The missing of the container carrier "MSC FLAMINIA" in august 2012 after more than 50 days wandering about in front of Brittany… while the professionals of the port of Brest had got organised to receive give to the ship and of Brest thousands of hours of work and demonstrate their know-how, this ship went to unload and be repaired in Germany….. The "MSC FLAMINIA" then went to Romania to the port of Constantza to be put to standard, she waited several weeks in front of the port as they were not ready to receive her.

For some time, the ships towed by the tug boat "ABEILLE BOURBON" are not repaired any more at Brest… we are therefore entitled to ask a few questions.

The risk prevention plan of the port of Brest which will give a fatal blow to several enterprises of the port as so often our country requires too much safety and a non-stop policy of administrative over-covering that drives away the enterprises. Do we need a crisis like the one Brittany is suffering of at this moment to realise that the port of Brest is a fundamental element in the economic life of our region and of our country. The history of our region has demonstrated since a long time that the agro-food and the sea freight are linked. The port of Brest and its enterprises have got a card to play "the development of cabotage and a motorway of the sea" do not be fooled, the future of the transport is the sea…

The 12th of November 2013, Mor Glaz Association was received by the minister Arnaud MONTEBOURG's office, we spoke of the development of the port of Brest, the new activities that could see the day, the cabotage and the Plan of the Prevention of Technological Risks (PPTR).

To seize all the opportunities and try to put in place a maritime route "motorway of the sea" between the HINTERLAND that will have to be developed straight away.

Brest must seize the opportunity if the milk factory in the centre of Brittany was to be built… make sure that the export of this milk towards Asia is done between Brittany and le Havre by sea and not by lorry.


The 25th of june 2014, Mor Glaz Association was present at the public debate organised by the Communist Party with the theme "Development of the port of Brest", here are our conclusions, our analyses, our wishes for the development of the port of Brest.

Le choice of the members of the bureau of Mor Glaz associations is to be present to all invitations and to participate to the development of the activities of the port of Brest.

Mor Glaz Association approves this public debate on the reindustrialisation and the development of the port of Brest. Mor Glaz Association, who defends the seafarers, the sea and the maritime activities thanks the Communist Parti to have organised this debate, even if we have realised that all of the ones who belong to the maritime activity at Brest were not present, never mind, the four interveners were all different and this made the excellent exchange in the room, we have also observed with satisfaction that all the false starts and the projects defended by Mor Glaz Association during the municipal campaign talked about and even defended while the exchanges.

Brest must once again become a merchant port, a place of production, of repair, of exchange but also a dismantling yard for old ships and metal structures…

To be attractive draw attention of ship owners, the present and future industrials, the port must be reorganised, modernised, well equipped, etc… Mor Glaz Association supports the investment made to the polder. Only the ports who invest are competitive and are an attraction for the industrials, the ship owners and others.

Mor Glaz Association supports the ship repair yard of Brest, but carrefull to not support only one activity, carrefull also to not let install a certain social dumping, carrefull to not distribute aids to everyone…

Mor Glaz Association salutes the good will of the region of Brittany to reorganise the merchant port, lets help and be aside of the region to do this ambitious and expensive project "and" but necessary for Brest and the region. Don't let the Plan of Prevention of Risks kill the port of Brest, certain subjects must unite us for the port and it development.

The maritime transport in France represents more than 320000 employments, more than the automotive industry. The sea, the ports create durable employments. The maritime transport is the first worldwide activity with more than 1.850.000 seafarers, 5 billions of tonnes of merchandise have passed by the sea in 2013…. But must we also remind you that the 4/5 of the seafarers come from poor countries.