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Landerneau le 27 février 2015

Imbroglio in the port of Brest between the actors of the maritime transport, one more affair that looks so much like the others!!!!! A way to export old ships from the northern countries towards the southern ones, a behaviour that goes against the seafarers and the southern countries who do not respect the social criteria for the seamen should they be from Honduras, Guatemala, Romania or elsewhere…..


MOR GLAZ Association asks that there is no complacency neither any tolerance from the administrations and the port authorities for the ship-owner and the charterer oh the ship "KARL" that is on a long stop-over at Brest. These people give a bad reputation to the maritime activities.

The social reasons to keep the "KARL" by the safety shipping centre satisfies MOR GLAZ who wishes to congratulate them for this detention.

The " KARL " who is registered under "Saint Kitts and Nevis", a flag of convenience in all it splendour, you just need to read the paragraph below.

Owner (more than ship-owner): Christer Lindgren of Swedish nationality, manager Marineserv, classification company: International Register of Shipping, insurance severnaya kasna (Russia)

The charterer: blue water shipping should have been careful before chartering this ship, checked the social conditions of the seamen on board but also the condition of the ship itself, decommissioned for two years in Norway.

Before leaving Denmark, " KARL " should have been stopped for not having the MLC Certificate!!! Denmark who was yet the first country to stop a ship for not respecting the MLC, was it just to look serious or was it really to not let these ship get away, MOR GLAZ Association has got a beginning of answer.

At the moment at the port of Brest, the only worry that the port authorities is the make this ship go as quick as possible. For MOR GLAZ, this ship must go, but tor this to happen, it must fill all the social and safety conditions.

A ship that isn't in a sufficient state for a northern country must not be so for a southern one. No tolerance, no complacency must be applied to those