Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime




MOR GLAZ Association will attend the Maritime Security Conference (Safer Seas),

in Brest the 27 and 28 October 2015.


All roundtables are interesting. But we are particularly interested in the topics of the first day and the comments of the Secretary-General of Maritime Affairs, the Maritime Prefect for Atlantic coast and the General Administrator of Maritime Affairs concerning the giant ships and the maritime security.

According to MOR GLAZ : the fleet of salvage tugs shall be renewed and a new risk analysis must be carried out to face the problems of the "giant ships" ( see more explanations on our website

MOR GLAZ is disappointed to note that despite all international conventions regarding maritime security and the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 "the bill of rights for seafarers", the maritime security and seafarers rights are violated every day.

In this time of electoral campaign (especially on the coast), who is really interested in the maritime security, the seafarers rights ( Orange Marine, Condor Ferries etc) and the development of ports?


On behalf of MOR GLAZ

Jean Paul Hellequin, President