Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime


Brest, on November 26th 2014,

the activists of the MOR GLAZ association decided to celebrate, in their own way,

the 6th anniversary of the abandonment of the cargo "CaptainTsarev" in the harbor of Brest.


Around 3pm, aboard a ship, the activists came and lit 6 candlelights, or rather 6 distress firehands nearby the cargo: with this symbolic action they tried to demonstrate that the authorities are slow and really have a hard time to come up with a solution regarding those old ships dying in the Ponant harbor.

According to Jean Paul Hellequin, president of MOR GLAZ association, the authorities declared that the matter is progressing well, to which he replied: "see you next year then!".



This symbolic action was not appreciated by the harbor captain who shouted at the 6 activists on their return ashore.

During the night of september 6th, this abandonned ship has been the victim of a fire, which required a huge mobilisation of the fire department to handle down.

Athough this area of the harbor is forbidden to the public, the authorities are trying to figure out if this criminal action was done by squatters or by some metal thieves.