Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime



Landerneau le 26 janvier 2015

MOR GLAZ Association supports their member and Vice Presidente Laure TALLONNEAU, who has never mixed up her professional, unionist and volunteer activities.

Facing the repetitive attacks by the Breton port authorities, including the Prefecture of the Finistere about her activities, her employment, her liberty, a Damocles "sword" (menace to deprive her of her access badge to the port…) we have decided de react.

MOR GLAZ Association considers that these repetitive "complaints" in the registers of the Port of Brest and wherever else who knows, goes against the union freedoms. When the Captain of the Port of Brest stands against when he is accused infringing the work of an ITF/CGT unionist, because himself is a unionist, this is confusing. Those who discover lately unionism don't they do something else than unionism…..

It's to work a different way that MOR GLAZ Association was created in year 2000 by citizens, it has since stayed independent of all politic, unionist parties with the liberty to say and do for others. MOR GLAZ Association is recognized and this may bother the "politically correct" and the microcosm, these last ones having a preference for the well classed organism, not too bothering and obedient.

Breaking the law in the port of Brest, what is it?

Helping foreign seamen who ask so and that call Laure TALLONNEAU ITF/CGT Inspector. Publicising seamen wage arrears who can go up to 10 months, denouncing their social conditions that should be noted in the complaint book. In Brittany, there are problems in all ports, it should even be better if the microcosm of the ports looked a bit less at their belly and that they realise at last that, unionist or not, by refusing to see certain excesses of the maritime transport, they contribute to these excesses of the maritime transport, the departures of waste ships….."ERIKA","JUST MARIIAM" and others…

Because the complaint would be a norm?

The way to notify and to feed back the information to the Prefecture of the Finistere without the "people accused" having their word to say?

On the 26th of November 2014, during an action taken by MOR GLAZ Association in the 5th harbour basin at Brest, the Captain of the port and his executive assistants, did they mention that "MOR GLAZ Association and their actions incited people to climb on board the abandoned ships and set fire to wrong….. Did they mention in their complaint that him and his assistants made a verbal attack to us on the Commandant Malbert wharf by talking rubbish, close to defamation? A little short for officials…

If the port of Brest had been "fenced" "controlled" "shut" as it is today, what would of happened to all these seamen who were not paid since months by these pseudo ship-owners? What to think of Claude FOKO who stayed there, alongside the port during 16 months!!!!! At 500 meters of the maritime affairs.

MOR GLAZ Association denounces…..but not only, we want to change the habits of the maritime transport. Our priorities: Defend seafarers and all maritime activities by respecting the rules established by our good ship-owners!!!!! Let's stay vigilant, seamen could suffer if MOR GLAZ stopped under the pressure of alerting.