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25 juin 2015

25th of June: International day of seafarers, a MOR GLAZ communicate…

In 2015, the theme of this international day of seafarers is the training for people working at sea, an insufficient training all around the world despite what is said.

Training in France for Officers and crew is good, however, at the end of their studies, they find it hard to find a job. Good vocational training isn't good enough for Officers and crew to find a place in this activity which is the first in the world.

The 25th of June is the International Day of Seafarers, decreed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

In 2012, the general secretary of the IMO, Mr Koji SEKINMIZU said during this day of seafarers, let's commemorate the 1.5 billion seafarers for their contribution too often disregarded that they do for our wellness. This day is the occasion to remember that all these things that cross the seas and that we couldn't live without, let's say "thank you to the seafarers". MOR GLAZ Association reminds that 7 billion of tonnes of merchandize have crossed the sea in 2014, in 2020, the volume of more than 15 billion of tonnes, working at sea is not so marginal than said by certain.

MOR GLAZ Association can only be ok with "hopes and wishes" of Mr SEKINMIZU. In reality, what are the life conditions of these seafarers that 4/5 come from poor countries, managed by "pseudo-ship-owners without any scruples who take advantage of the poorness and naiveté of people from Africa, Asia or poor countries where being poor isn't a slogan.

MOR GLAZ Association thinks of these seafarers who live too often in difficult conditions on unhealthy ships, belonging to "pseudo ship-owners" who gave a bad image of the maritime activities that are more than 90% of the exchanges across the world but not only, so many activities there are. After an investigation on the maritime transport by the reporter "Kattalin LANDABURU" titled "Formally abolished on the 20th of December 1848, slavery has taken a new form across the seas of the globe". If the trade of the ebony wood is over, ships keep on transporting on them a wolrd of inequality and social precariousness. In 30 years, the maritime transport has increased of 430% and its cost has gone down by 30%. These economies have been done by using old ships that are sometimes more than 30 years old, badly or not at all maintained and that transport big quantities of expensive merchandize. What are the member states doing for the seafarers?... Not much to not say nothing at all…

MOR GLAZ Association notes that 15 years after this investigation, it is still an event, more and more seamen are unhappy, do this work by necessity, with wages and working conditions often under the norms of the International Labour Office (ILO).

MOR GLAZ Association hoped a lot of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC2006), we start to doubt. MOR GLAZ Association is too often sad for these seamen from all countries, we encourage the ship-owners to clean-up, "pseudo ship-owners" haven't got a place in the maritime activities.