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Landerneau September 23, 2015

Replacement of the rescue ship “ Abeille Languedoc” in Boulogne Sur Mer

MOR GLAZ Association congratulates "welcomes" the speed with which the company “Les Abeilles” replaced the rescue ship “ Abeille Languedoc”, stopped due to a reduction gear problem.

The replacement vessel “'SEA LYNX” is flying the Norwegian flag, ( 1st registry) and 14 seafarers are on board: 10 Norwegians, 4 Polishes and 2 seafarers from the company “Les Abeilles”. Her bollard pull : 183 tons. She is operational in 40 minutes.

MOR GLAZ is rather pleased to see that the protection of the Dover Strait is reinstated. We wish a good mission to the Master and the crew of the “SEA LYNX" . We hope also that the “Abeille Languedoc”will be back soon to protect the coastline.

The French State must now think about a replacement of the rescue tugs "ABEILLE FLANDRE” and “ABEILLE LANGUEDOC” ." This replacement must be studied promptly as the giant ships represent real dangers.

On behalf of MOR GLAZ

Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN, President