Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime



Landerneau April 23, 2015



Mr. President,

MOR GLAZAssociation would like to draw your attention to the abandon of a crew in the port of Brest. This crew is along a pier and undergoes a stop call that he did not want. He is the victim of a judicial imbroglio between "pseudo-owners" and other protagonists of this sad affair. This crew arrived in Brest February 23, 2015 on board the reefer cargo "KARL" flying the flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis (tax haven for no-serious ship-owners ), as too often these crewmembers are coming from several countries, Romania, Honduras and Guatemala. Some of these seafarers have not been paid for 60 days. They survive thanks to the assistance of French association providing them free food, the kindliness of some administrations and the ITF inspector Laure TALLONNEAU.

Mr. President, MOR GLAZ send you this public letter, asking you to appoint quickly the Maritime Counselor of your departmental staff to end this shameful and scandalous situation of these marine as soon as possible.

Mr. President, the only option that would be offered to these eight seafarers is an expulsion ... What did they do to deserve this punishment this "penalty"? The association MOR GLAZ cannot admit or even consider that expulsion be applied against those seafarers. This procedure would consider that these seafarers are offenders, offenders in our territory, with all the negatives consequences that would include for them, including when they will looking for an embarkation.

Mr. President, the MOR GLAZ Association insists that offenders are those who do not comply with their commitments towards the seafarers of the M/V "Karl". But also all those who have chosen and allowed to charter the vessel at the lowest cost, and let it load 900 tons of seed potatoes for Algeria.

Mr. President, this morning I met the crew of "KARL" (with the approval of the Master), they are determined and they all want (rightly) get away with all their wages. A solidarity fund exists in France since 2000 to deal with these situations; the amount available in the fund is 116,000, so enough to advance all wages and repatriation of these seafarers, who are tired of waiting. Every day that passes makes the situation more and more critical "sensitive" to the 8 seafarers and their family, with more than 7 months on board for some. These seafarers are becoming more determined to leave with all wages due.

MOR GLAZ association wants the responsible of this situation will refund, as it should reimburse the French state for all expenses that will be performed for these seafarers.

Mr. President of the Republic, please accept our sincere and respectful greetings.

Jean Paul HELLEQUIN President of the Association MOR GLAZ